Access Control

Allow for the free flow of authorised personnel while denying entry to unwanted visitors

Access Control has come a long way with the development of new technology, making a premises more secure whilst being easier to use and operate. Cowley Security Australia are national leaders in creating systems allowing a seamlessly flow of authorised personnel which also denies entry to unwanted visitors in your businesses and home. Commercial and Retail stores stock, staff and assets will be protected with the trespassers and walk-in thieves now locked out and residential houses now safe from burglary.

Cowley Security Australia’s licensed security technicians will tailor make an access control solution which fits the needs and budget of even the largest clients. Having over 40 years’ experience using only the leading brands and products, we can professionally install biometric systems (fingerprint and retinal scan), proximity card systems, numbered code pads and wireless fob remotes which can all allow access to only the authorised people as well as collecting data on staff movements if necessary.

Internal theft is often a larger problem than most businesses realise but can also be prevented via access control countermeasures and security data reports highlighting unusual activity. Therefore each staff member can be given individual codes, remotes or use their own fingerprint to access the areas they are given access to, with the times recorded. Opening and closing reports for businesses and stores are becoming an essential part of running a modern business, making it easier for growth and performance objectives to be met.

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Did your staff leave the back door open? Forgot to close the side gate? Did you leave the alarm on or off?  Is someone trying to break into one of your business, home or retail stores? Cowley Security Australia can help you take control of your access control, alarm and camera system so they can be monitored and controlled remotely from any authorised smartphone. No matter where you are, feel secure by opening or closing the doors/gates, turning on your alarm and checking the cameras remotely.

  • Access Control with 24 hour Monitoring
  • Premises access reports (Time, Location (which door), Who (which user))
  • Wireless FOB access devices for keyrings
  • Swipe Card Systems (Proximity Reader)
  • Finger Print Biometric Access Control
  • Retinal Scan Biometric Access Control System
  • Facial Recognition
  • Individualised codes for staff
  • Code Pad Access Control
  • Electronic Alarm integrated Door Locks
  • Electronic Alarm integrated Window Locks
  • Wireless Remotes to open/close gates, doors and garages
  • Electric Strikes
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Sliding, Hinged, Frameless Glass Doors Electric Locks
  • Vehicle and Pedestrian Gates
  • Hardwired and Wireless Systems
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • 24 Hour Security Monitoring of your system
  • Open and Closing reports for your premises
  • Finance and other options


Our Office hours are 9.00am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays. However it is advisable to pre-book a time with one of our friendly customer service team, should you require product demonstration or a security proposal.