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Cowley Security Australia are leading Australia wide commercial security systems specialists, engineering solutions that are non-disruptive yet effective in keeping business threats and hazards at bay. At any given moment, a business can be subjected to robbery, fraud, flood, fire, and other dilemmas that we simply wish never existed. But, faced with reality, idly standing by and doing nothing is an option that’s neither profitable nor smart. When it comes to commercial security solutions, we can help you ensure the safety of your assets whether your business lies in the banking industry, retail market, service station, medical care, warehouses, and more.

With over 40 years’ experience working with some of Australia’s leading businesses we can tailor a solution for all of your premises throughout the country, whether your company has 1000 stores or 1. Using only the leading global brands, companies large and small have been protected by state of the art security solutions installed professionally by Cowley Security Australia’s licensed security technicians. Our 24 Hour Monitoring has helped provide fast responses to emergency situations and combined with security data reports will help achieve the growth and development targets at your organisation.

Ensuring internal security is often an overlooked part of commercial business, but it eats into profit and fosters lingering distrust towards your employees but this doesn’t have to be the case. Personalised access control can protect all business assets, including information, from both internal and external theft allowing management to better secure the business and improve profit margins.

Security screen camera
Security screen camera

Why Choose Cowley Security?

Cowley Security Australia is the preferred provider of security systems for Capricorn’s 22,000+ business members nationwide. As experts in commercial security solutions, Cowley Security continues to provide exceptional service for Australasia's largest automotive cooperative.


This letter is to refer to you the range of services and the quality of such services that Beaurepaires have received from Cowley Security.

— Vania Pratt,

Richmond, Victoria


Our Office hours are 9.00am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays. However it is advisable to pre-book a time with one of our friendly customer service team, should you require product demonstration or a security proposal.