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You can be assured we can help you choose the security solutions that will save you time and money both now and in the future. Cowley Security has many years of experience designing and engineering security systems for small to large premises including initial design, supply and installation of quality equipment as well as service, maintenance and monitoring of your system.

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When you run a business, managing time, operations and a budget are important to your success. That is why Cowley Security offers special services to its valued customers, whether you have one or two hundred premises. Australia wide, Cowley Security will help you achieve your best ROI for your business.


A Cowley Security electronic security system can help protect your business from burglary and intrusion that could result in devastating property loss and damage. The system is specifically designed to help provide business with effective, yet affordable security.


24 hour service is provided for exsisting clients with Routine Maintenance packages available to suit your specific need. Service, maintenance and 24 hour monitoring is also available to non Cowley Security installed systems



Financing your Security System has never been easier. You may rent or lease your security alarm, camera or access control system from Cowley Security. Simply give one of our friendly consultants a call to find out how. Whether you are upgrading, installing or expanding your security solution, Cowley Security will help you find a finance solution that will suit your budget. Keep your competitive edge by preventing expensive outlays setting up and keeping your business secure. Choose to finance your security solution by making small regular tax deduct able payments, rather than one large investment. You may rent or lease your security alarm, camera or access control system from Cowley Security. Simply give one of our friendly consultants a call to find out how.

  • Installments are 100% tax deductible
  • No negative impact on your cash flow
  • No deposit required
  • Approval with 48 hours
  • Treated as an operating cost


Specialising in retail chains Australia Wide.

There are several reasons why a retailer might want to install CCTV, one reason is to capture shoplifters red-handed, but also an increasing reality in the retail industry is combating staff theft. Cameras can be placed around point of sale (POS), stock rooms and staff exits in order to monitor the activities of retail staff. The visual presence of cameras are always a great deterrent to thieves and opportunistic people trying to rip you off. Cowley Security specialises in providing CCTV systems which meet the requirements of a variety of property types, such as retail premises, offices, industrial sites and homes. CCTV can be simple or complex and our staff are trained in the correct questioning techniques to fully identify your specific needs. We also offer IP OR HDCVI high resolution cameras with remote view of any site on any smartphone or tablet.

Cowley Security provide an intelligent digital video management system that digitally records multiple camera images directly to the internal hard drive from either IP or HDCVI cameras. However, it does more than just record; it provides simultaneous recording, playback and archiving whilst using sophisticated search functions to define and find only those important events that meet your criteria. Cowley Security can provide a powerful, intelligent solution to your security and operations systems. It is net workable, easily integrates with other equipment and is a cost effective solution for many new and existing customers. The systems are password protected with remote viewing from your main office or home.

Cowley Security provide a remote monitoring service where it may be impossible or uneconomical to provide the required resource to undertake observation on site. By undertaking visual patrols or through event driven observation, an audio communication link with the site provides a means of challenging intruders or reassuring individuals of their safety. This system can be used as an immediate backup to an alarm signal received in the 24 hour Control Room.

There is a range of cameras and camera types and lenses available and Cowley Security have expertise in identifying the product best suited to fit your observational requirements.

Cameras have become more prevalent in recent times and it has been established that worker productivity is positively effected by their installation. With the increase in litigation cases, retailers are ever more concerned with providing a safe environment for staff and public alike. CCTV can assist in many cases in proving the exact circumstances behind an OH&S litigation claim.


On Average in Victoria 1 in 63 homes is burgled each year. Probably most importantly a break in leaves a family feeling vulnerable and violated. At Cowley Security we take your security seriously and are active in discouraging intruders from entering your premises by appropriate equipment and signage. However with a combination of a Cowley Security and some other common sense steps in place, you can significantly decrease your risk of burglary. Over the last 25 years Cowley Security has provided protection for families and their belongings including personal protection from single storey units to multi storey mansions.


Cowley Security can provide with full automation of your house. For example, doors which automatically lock themselves when you go out. You will never need to use a key ever again with one of our structured systems for your home.


High quality audio and video intercoms so you can see and speak to who is at your front door or gate before admitting the caller.



Cowley Security offer integrated solutions to suit your requirements whether it be for Home, Office Warehouse or or chain of Retail Shops and tailoring our systems to your specific need is our specialty. Cowley Security systems are monitored by Security Monitoring Centres Grade 1 onto rooms based in Melbourne, not interstate or India. Cowley Security are Melbourne based and specialise in the delivery of good local service using well qualified, well trained personnel.

  • Access Control and 24 hour Monitoring
  • Hardwired and Wireless Systems.
  • Internal Protection with PIR and Dual Technology Detectors.
  • External - perimeter protection.
  • Smoke and Fire detection.
  • Duress / Panic Response.
  • Pet Friendly detectors for homes and commercial sites.
  • 24 Hour Security Monitoring of your system.
  • Open and Closing reports for your premises
  • Finance and other options
  • Dual Path Monitoring

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