Smart Security Can Protect Your Parents – Worry Less

Elderly Lady Washing Hands

Customised Security Solutions to Protect the Elderly

Our parents have loved us and cared for us throughout our lives. But as they get older, the time comes when they need us to care for them. The isolation and lock-downs from COVID-19 has brought this to the forefront for many families throughout the world 

Because we love them, the safety and well-being of Mum and Dad can become an extra worry that keeps us up at night. With 34% of Australian’s 80+ years old living alone the thought of something happening is always there in the minds of loved ones. For those that live with family who can help and act as caregivers it does give some extra piece of mind.

Whether it’s your mother or father, or a dear family friend, caregiving is rewarding yet challenging work. What if you could give that special person in your life a gift that could make life easier for both of you, like professionally monitored smart (and easy to use) home security?

Could home security help my parents?

Many people may be wondering if a professionally monitored security system is right for your mum, dad, or any elderly loved one in your life, ask yourself if any of the following apply:

  • Do you worry they don’t have access to help when they need it?
  • Do they live alone?
  • Do they have health or mobility issues?
  • Do they live in another state, far away from family?
  • Is crime a concern in their neighborhood?
  • Are they on a budget?
  • Do they find it hard to keep a comfortable temperature at home?
  • Do they have trouble remembering to turn things on and shut things off?

If any of these questions made you think about your folks, a monitored home security system may be just the right gift to improve their quality of life and give you both peace of mind.

What monitored smart home security brings to the table

These days you have many options when it comes to customising a home security solutions. You have the option to keep it very simple, with basic alarm and intrusion detection, but there are also plenty of add-ons that create big benefits for anyone aging.

  • Indoor and outdoor video cameras will help trusted loved ones keep and eye on their mum or dad as well as other valuables at the house. Live video look-ins from your smartphone can reassure you that your folks are OK when you are away.
  • Smart motions sensors can be placed on medicine cabinets, garage/sheds and other important areas throughout the home, so you can receive alerts.
  • Fire, Smoke & Gas detectors quickly detect heat, smoke, and lethal gases giving elderly persons enough time to evacuate and authorities can be notified.
  • Home security automation lets users arm and disarm their security system, lock the door, turn off the lights and close the blinds right from their smartphone or computer.
  • Lighting & energy solutions can turn lights on automatically when motion is detected making life far easier for those with poor mobility and eye-sight. This also saves on expensive electricity usage and increases general security.

Get peace of mind by keeping your parents safe

Our parents spent most of their lives looking out for us, now for millions of Australian families it is time for the children to look out for and help our parents. Get your family a personalised security solution that suits all your needs. Contact us here to find out more.