Working From Home? Keep Your Office Safe


Working From Home? Keep Your Office Safe

Millions suddenly had to work from home this year, which meant bringing home the work computer, buying a new one and generally investing more money into a decent home office set up. But with no one else seeing your home office, they get messy…really messy. Electrical cords and papers piling up and twisting everywhere will turn your new home office into a potential bonfire if you’re not careful. 

Home Office Fires

This year we have seen hundreds of home offices impacted by fire. Although most accidents could have been avoided with some simple safety measures. All home offices should be equipped with a functioning smoke detectors that are tested regularly and upgraded at least every 10 year.

Reducing cord clutter and separating your electronics such as computers, printer monitors, phones etc will help keep the cords apart and also give everything room to breath. Electronics get hot, which can melt the coating around the cables if they are all clumped together and left to run for to long. By decluttering your desk, giving everything some room to breathe and remembering to turn things off that aren’t in use you can reduce your risk of your home office going up in flames. 

Another good idea is to have a first aid kit at your home, most people have something but a proper kit can help you be prepared for a range of situations. And finally it goes without saying that if you have all this new equipment at your home it will make a more attractive target for thieves. Make sure you have your valuables such as your computer with all your hours of work protected by having a security system professionally installed by Cowley Security Australia.