Your Phone can Improve Your Business’s Security!


Your Phone Can Improve Your Business's Security!

These days we take our smartphones and tablets everywhere with us. They are nearly as attached to us as our arms and legs are, and they have brought the world to our fingertips, no matter where we are. But did you know that they can grant your (as an authorised user) real-time access to your business’s security system, allowing random check-in’s on staff and immediate responses to security threats at your premises. 

With the current pandemic most businesses have less staff on site then ever before, this means less trusted eyes and less security watching your critical business assets. Here is where the power of Remote Access Control and Viewing comes into its own, as it is the best way for a modern business to deal with these very real threats. 

Keep a Close Eye on Your Business Properties

Cowley Security Australia can pair your security cameras with your smartphone or tablet and allow easy viewing of all your buildings and sites from a single device. This is a great way to…

  • Monitor employee productivity
  • Identify potential thieves, loitering and other suspicious behaviour
  • Ensure staff are following safety protocols
  • Watch your businesses live to see business as usual
  • Monitor employee’s behaviour around checkouts and cash points for theft or fraudulent behaviour

Respond to Threats in Real-Time

Instant alerts can be sent to your phone or device about real-time situations. A fire, burglary and many other emergencies can be dealt with in seconds from your hand with your device set up by Cowley Security Australia.

  • A camera picks up unusual activity inside your store
  • An unauthorised employee accessed a restricted area
  • Alarm was activated during a break-in
  • Doors, Windows, Garages, Loading Docks, Gates or other areas were opened at night

These are just a few situations that can all have the authorities respond to quickly when you or your trusted managers have their phones set up to get alerts. Quick responses are often the difference between catching thieves red-handed and losing millions in assets, something no business can afford. 

In the modern age, no business can afford to be left behind and remain profitable. Upgrading your security systems to include Remote Access Control & Viewing is crucial to ensure your business and staff will be protected and remain successful long into the future.

Get your business security upgrade now with Cowley Security Australia, with Buy-Now, Pay-Later and finance options available there’s no excuses if your business is not protected.